HydroPrime MRP Floor Primer

99% RH Application


 Full warranty with 99% rh slab moisture.  There is no need to use expensive, time consuming materials to mitigate excess slab moisture. 

Apply Directly Over Old Adhesive


 Due to the unique, patented technology, MRP can be applied directly to old cut back adhesive and mastic eliminating the need for shot blasting and/or grinding. 

Apply to New or Green Concrete


 It doesn't matter whether the concrete is new or old, on grade or above grade, or if there is a moisture barrier underneath. 

Apply Over Existing VCT, Ceramic or Quarry Tile


Scuff the tile surface and apply MRP followed by an epoxy float to level up the  grout lines and form a continuous, flat surface.  Then pick your color and add accents. 

Save Time and Money


 Being able to install new flooring over existing hard-surface flooring or over existing adhesive - without shot blasting or grinding - saves money; saves time; eliminates noise and dust. 

Patch With Confidence


Apply cementitious or gypsum patching with total confidence of adhesion.  You'll find it adheres to MRP better than to concrete, itself.