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commercial grade acoustical wall panels for commercial buildings in Cincinnati, OH

Bamboo Acoustical Wall Panels in Cincinnati, OH

Commercial Grade. Beautiful. Strong. Affordable.

At Advantage Products & Systems, we know these are the things that you and your clients want from the architectural products that go into both new commercial construction and office renovations alike, particularly when striving for superior LEED certification. And that’s what you can give them when you use engineered bamboo.

Advantage Products & Systems is committed to offering high-performance, innovative materials in all our products, including engineered bamboo for use in commercial-grade acoustical wall panels.

A Great Building Material, Made Even Better

The engineering process used in LambooⓇ, the bamboo architectural product solution we offer, creates a building material with all of the natural attractiveness of timber and none of the drawbacks. More moisture-resistant than natural bamboo, LambooⓇ is also wear-resistant with a tensile strength stronger than oak, maple or pine. It’s also endlessly customizable to give you ease of installation and exactly the look you and your clients desire. Perhaps best of all for the earth-conscious consumer today, it has no added formaldehyde and -- like all bamboo products -- is eminently sustainable.

Engineered bamboo acoustical panels provide excellent noise reduction at an excellent price, making them ideal for environments ranging from conference rooms and lecture halls to restaurants and bars. From the initial consultation to the completion of your Cincinnati build or renovation, Advantage Products & Systems will be there to provide the assistance you need. 

The Right Support, From Start To Finish

Whether you simply need product guidance, or you want custom-designed materials expertly molded and shaped to your specifications, Advantage Products & Systems is available. We offer website resources 24/7 and pride ourselves on our customer support from the beginning to end of every project.



Lamboo is a US-Based manufacturer and supplier of Engineered Laminated Bamboo (Lamboo) into the architectural and design industries.

Lamboo's primary focus is the development of sustainable building solutions utilizing one of the most rapidly renewable resources on the planet, bamboo.